It's National Peanut Butter Month.  What does this mean...well if you love it, celebrate it!

If you don't like it, there's probably someone in your family that loves it!

But did you know this about Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter is great for removing gum in your hair...I've had to use it twice in my life and it worked both times.  Even in one of my dogs.

Speaking of dogs, dogs love it.  If you have to give your four legged friend medication, Peanut Butter is the best bet.  Recently my dog's tail was sprained and she kept spitting the medicine out..I put it on a spoon and mixed the medicine in and surprise surprise she ate it.

This is what I do for a mouse trap, I don't use cheese to bait the mice.  I use Peanut Butter and it works great!

Peanut Butter helps my house smell better when I cook fish on the stove.  You know that smell after you've made fish, well guess what Peanut Butter helps the smell.  My Nana taught me this one.  But I also use some lemon juice, too.  After you're done cooking the fish put 2 table spoons or 3 of Peanut Butter in the frying pan ...cook it on low and the smell of fish will disappear and the smell of Peanut Butter will take over in your house.  The smell of Peanut Butter is always better than fish.

There are my 4 suggestions for Peanut Butter!

I love my Peanut Butter with Chocolate, of course and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I remember reading about Elvis and I do believe one of his all time faves was a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.


And who could forget Ants on a Log.  It's celery with Peanut Butter and raisins, an awesome snack for Mom's and Dad's, too!