Actor, singer & songwriter Ben Rauch & Gaby Gold have released a new song & video that redefines what Christmas in Jersey is all about. 

Beginning with a trip back in time via a classic DeLorean, Rauch goes 'Back to the Future' in Asbury Park and aside from featuring great retro themes like hairspray, spandex, and big hair, there are tons of great Jersey references!

With lyrics like:

'Santa doesn't say 'ho, ho, ho' - he says 'hey, hey, hey' and 'Blastin' Bon Jovi out the back of his sleigh', the song really hits the nail on the Jersey head.

And don't forget our personal favorite:

'The bells here don't go ding-dong, they go bada-bing'.

Rauch really wraps up nostalgia and Jersey pride in a one neat present.

Our words don't do this video justice, just watch it:

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