Two more motorcyclists have been taken into police custody in connection with the videotaped beating of a New York City man by a gang of angry bikers which contained several NYPD undercover detectives.

Image showing Sergio Consuegra intervening with bikers beating up driver (NYPD)

The New York Police Department said Saturday that 35-year-old Robert Sims, of Brooklyn, has been charged with gang assault, weapons possession and other offenses related to last Sunday's attack on an SUV carrying Alexian Lien, his wife and their young daughter.

Police say the bikers stopped the SUV on a highway, attacked the vehicle, then chased the driver and pulled him from the car after he plowed over a motorcyclist from Massachusetts while trying to escape.

Police detained another Brooklyn man Friday but said charges had not been filed.

Two other bikers were charged previously, though the case against one was dismissed.

Range Rover in motorcycle chase being towed away (WCBS TV)

Meanwhile, a key witness has come forward in the case  and is credited with possibly saving Lien's life.  Sergio Consuegra came running towards Lien as he was being beat up on a Harlem street. Consuegra told CNN's Anderson Cooper, “I stood between them and the man lying on the floor and I say to them, ‘That’s it. Let it go. Let it go, man. That’s it. It’s done.’ You know, don’t continue doing it. You’re going to kill the man."

“I stood my ground ... I look at them in (their) eyes and they look at me,” Consuegra told Cooper. “So basically, there was a little tense moment of maybe couple of seconds looking at each other ... Somehow they stopped.”

WCBS TV also reports that at least two undercover NYPD officers were riding with the bikers as they rode up the Henry Hudson Parkway last Sunday. Neither officer took part in the beating but also did not offer help as to not break their cover. One of the officers has retained a lawyer

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