Mold is discovered in another Ocean County school, this time the Drum Point Elementary School in Brick.

Drum Point Elementary School in Brick (District website)

Superintendent Walter Uszenski told District officials during Thursday night's meeting crews will be working to clean the mold this weekend according to the Patch of Brick. Uszenski said the mold is dormant at the moment and developed thanks to the high humidity throughout the summer."

He says the District should check and clean heating and air conditioning systems in every school.So far clean-up efforts have cost the district about $400,000.

Brick's Educational Enrichment Center had mold problems at the beginning of this school year according to the Patch of Brick which required some student to be moved. While the mold was found not to be toxic, those with asthma may have problems breathing.

Schools in Barnegat and Manchester have also had mold issues in the past year.