Wow, for so long I always thought it wasn't a good idea to give a shelter pet for a Christmas present, but it's OK according the ASPCA it's a great time to bring home a furry friend from your local shelter.

A recent study shows that if someone received a cat or a dog for Christmas their love for the animal was bigger and their attachment was greater.


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Also something great to know that 86% of 96% of animals given for a Christmas present are still in that home whether it was a surprise gift or not.

The Vice President of Shelter Research & Development for the ASPCA says if a shelter keeps the same protocol through out the year and doesn't change it at Christmastime everything will be fine when you adopt a shelter animal.

Dr. Weiss, Vice President, says, "These are great findings that can help open new adoption options for shelters, allowing more animals to be places in loving homes."

Check out the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo.  They have so many dogs and cats just waiting for a forever home!