Egg Harbor Mayor Sonny McCullough see's no downsides in allowing a medical marijuana facility to set up shop in the Township. 

He says the proposed facility would be located in its industrial area with warehouses, located somewhere between the Atlantic City Airport and the township landfill.  He says it's so rural, that the site doesn't even have public transportation.

McCullough says, "It's going to have extremely tight security with professional law enforcement, Security 24/7. It's going to have high tech videos. People will not be able to loiter around the area. You'll only be permitted to get your prescriptions by appointment and by a Physician who's had a long term relationship with the patient that has the need for the medical marijuana. I try to tell people, nobody will be able to break into this place or break out of it. It's extremely secure but then I also remind people that every single drug store and pharmacy in New Jersey distributes narcotic medicine much more powerful than medical marijuana."

There are other upsides as well. McCullough says the facility will not be growing marijuana and then transporting it to other locations for sale. He says unlike other facilities proposed in the state, this site will serve as both a marijuana cultivation center and a dispensary. "What we have is one location. One secure building. Under constant surveillance and I feel very comfortable that nothing can go wrong there."

McCullough says right now, all the Compassionate Care Foundation will need from them are construction permits and code approvals. However, he says their biggest hurdle will be in gaining State approval, requiring extensive background checks of the owners and employees.

Residents appear to be just fine with the facility as well. McCullough says he's really only heard positive comments. In fact, he says "there was only one negative blog and it says it's unfair you're competing with people selling it on the street." (He laughs)

The Atlantic County community of Egg Harbor Township is 68-square-miles, the third largest Township in the State.