Do you commute to work solo? If you do, you're one of the few. With skyrocketing gas prices and a still dismal economy, many workers are carpooling to the office these days.

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Group commuting, riding in buses, trains, subways or sharing cars or vans rose in New Jersey and New York over the last few years.

"More people are hopping on mass transit, in fact we saw a 2.6 percent increase in ridership on New Jersey Transit in the second quarter this year" said Virginia Miller, spokesperson for the American Public Transportation Association.

Miller says there are generational differences.

"The millennials want to go to work via bus or train, they actually prefer it. Many of them are actually getting their driver's licenses a lot later in life."

There are other reasons for the spike in mass transit riders.

"People would rather text, do work before they get into the office and start their day, relax with their Ipads, sleep or read" said Miller.

Other reasons for the solo commute include saving money, time and the environment.

"Workers are a lot more conscious now about paying less, getting to their destination quicker and protecting the environment and when they can do that by taking a bus or train to work, they are doing that in record numbers" said Miller.