Lakewood Airport may soon be able to accommodate helicopters and small jets with the construction of a helipad at the airport in Lakewood’s Industrial Park, one of several planned projects.

Lakewood Economic Development Director and Director of the Lakewood Airport Steven Reinman tells that projects are about to get underway that would make the airport more attractive to business in the Park and to the surrounding area.

The first project is a helipad that will allow both spaces for commercial helicopters to land and owners to park their choppers.

Lakewood will also begin projects around the airport that will allow the airport to reclaim property that will allow the runway to be lengthened and allow 6-10 seater jets to utilize the airport. Trees, poles and other obstructions have taken about 500 feet away from the runway.

Other future projects include the renovation of the airport’s terminal to include a restaurant and other services & the development of a “jump zone” for corporate use.