I'll be honest, I love a good conspiracy theory. Not necessarily because I believe them, but it can really be astounding to see how far some people look into "symbolism" to try to show that a conspiracy is at work. This time around, we have allegations that Lady Gaga may have had a rival murdered and then "stole" the rival's schtick to become a worldwide superstar.

I do want to say, that the death of a teenager is always tragic, especially if it's suicide. But this conspiracy theory just seems a little too nutty to me.

To summarize, the claims are that Gaga (then going by her real name, Stefani Germanotta) worked with a young singer named Lina Morgana. To be blunt, the conspiracy theorists are claiming that Gaga had Morgana knocked off with the help of the Illuminati, stole her style, and inserted hidden messages into her songs, videos, and those of other artists. If you have a few minutes, check out this video that someone made outlining the whole story:



Personally, I do believe that a lot goes on behind closed doors that we, the general public, don't know about, but I think that conspiracy theories like this one are just a little to nutty for me to get on board with. What do you think?