As you prepare for the effects of the storm this weekend, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture encourages you to take the correct measures to protect your pets and livestock.

Those who do not already have emergency plans in place may visit NJDA website where there are basic preparedness tips and steps listed to protect animals.

Timothy A. Clary, AFP / Getty Images

If evacuating, the Department recommends that people ask a dependable friend or relative who lives some distance from the evacuation area if they and their pets can stay with them until the all clear is given.

An alternative is to find a pet friendly motel.

Use a portable pet carrier for each animal and make sure the animals have identification. Bring copies of the pet's licenses, leashes, water and food bowls, pet food, bottled water, special medications and instruction for their administration, any special needs of the pet, blankets, handy wipes, paper towels and litter or bedding.

For a helpful brochure on protecting pets in emergencies, click here.

The Department has alerted all County Animal Response Teams, through the county Offices of Emergency Management, to be on alert.