There are some great perks to working in radio. The freebies are definitely among them.The picture on the left isn't mine. The only reason I used a picture from Flickr is because my collection of CDs is somewhat larger and considerably less organized. But it gives you an idea of the sheer volume of free CDs that someone working in radio can gather over the years.

And it doesn't stop with CDs, sure we get into some concerts for free. I've got more T-shirts than I'll ever wear, and occasionally we'll get an epic amount of sponsor product in to the office. Over the years we've had sample packs of pain relievers, single use packets of sunscreen (I still have a case at home that was given to me at the end of the sponsorship. I'll never have to buy sunscreen again), and even food or snacks show up. Just this week, this popped up in the office:

That's right, mustard. A lot of it.

In fact that picture is after a number of staffers already claimed whole cases for themselves (myself included, fair disclosure). We had to laugh at that one. Think about it, when was the last time you bought mustard? Be honest, you know you have a half used bottle of the yellow stuff in your fridge that's been there since at least the beginning of Obama's term in office. But it's the old justification, "well if I don't take some it'll just end up going to waste...and why should food be wasted?"

So fair warning to all those on my gift list this holiday season....expect mustard...