How much money do you need to live the happiest life possible?

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A new study conducted by Skandia International's Wealth Sentiment Monitor found the global average "happiness income" is about $161,000 a year, but what do Jersey residents think?

Some folks do not think $161,000 year is enough.

One man said, "I would think Jersey is probably more expensive than most places in the world - looking at Paris and London - for a family of 4, both people working - probably about 200 I would say."

Another shopper along Route 1 said, "About $250,000 - pay for my house, pay for vacation, pay for a car."

But not everybody agrees.

"I think I'm doing pretty good with what I make right now - a hundred thousand," said one man smiling. "I've always made less, so right now I feel very blessed."

"I don't believe money buys happiness," said another shopper, " but a lack of money can buy real misery, so I would say - I guess it would be about $75,000."

One woman said, "A hundred thousand - I could live off of that - a hundred thousand a year- yeah, that's good for me."

Another shopper said she wasn't concerned with how much money she made, because "your quality of life - what you're doing, who you're spending it with is much more important than what you can buy."