Recently, Six Flags Great Adventure announced there will no longer be the drive-thru Safari.

It's such a staple here in New Jersey.  It's something I enjoyed so much.  I'd just drive through the safari and not even go into the park.  It's something I loved so much and every Summer I do it.

In a couple of weeks, Six Flags will be announcing what they're going to be doing with the Safari.  But from what I hear, the animals will stay there.  So I'm wondering will there be buses, like the Safari buses they have now, or maybe a monorail above the animals.  Maybe something like Disney---their Safari Ride?  We'll have to wait and see.  It should be exciting either way.  Just as long as I can see the animals.

Those memories will never go away -- driving through it, and remembering the day the monkeys were allowed on our cars.  It was just crazy.  It was a lot of fun!

How do you feel about not driving your car through the Safari?