Fame is an interesting thing. There a lot of different ways that people can become famous. I thought it would be interesting to get your take on what makes someone famous.

There are a few different ways that people become known:

Talent - Exceptional athletes, gifted artists, and prolific performers can all attribute their fame to a specific quality and talent that they possess.

Position - World leaders, corporate big wigs, and other influential people are known because of what they do for a living and their influence.

And then there are the folks who people just kind of know about. Nobody can exactly put their finger on why everyone knows who they are. They don't really have a talent that stands out from everyone else, and they don't hold that much influence, but everyone knows who they are.

And, of course there are big celebrities, infamous people, and locals who are just kind of known in their hometowns.

"Celebrity" and "fame" can be defined in a lot of different ways. And we can probably debate the merits of whether some people should be considered celebrities or not. But you have to admit, once someone is recognizable for one reason or another, it's still a kind of fame.

So who are some of your favorite famous people? What about the people who you wonder why they're famous? Tell us in the comments!


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