Homeless advocates are optimistic that when government officials and the public see what a Micro House actually looks like, they'll be more accepting of them in their communities.  


Tom O'Malley, Founder of Catholics and Friends with a Heart for the Homeless, said volunteers are almost finished constructing a Tiny House model in the driveway of a Point Pleasant home that homeless advocates plan to unveil soon.

The Micro House cost about $8,000 to build and O'Malley said installing the units could save Ocean County taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Government officials have expressed concerns about the cost of water and sewer hook-ups, but O'Malley pointed out the Micro Houses are no different than water and sewer hook-ups for an animal shelter or motel. "When you put this side by side and you will save the taxpayers of Ocean County thousands and thousands of dollars the first year," O'Malley said, adding, "We figured out close over $20,000 dollars."

O'Malley expressed frustration over what he feels is more funding being spent on shelters in Ocean County to house animals over people. He said the County receives millions of dollars in federal funding for emergency housing each year, but is being wasted on motel rental packages for the homeless instead of something more enduring, such as a Micro House. "Nothing comes out of that concrete. They're not building a building. That's 8 million dollars gone," he said.

O'Malley's group plans on meeting with lawmakers in the coming weeks to continue pushing for local support and land to build Micro Housing communities, which he said is gaining national popularity and even backing from federal housing officials. "We're looking for the same enthusiasm for the same dedication that was given towards the animal shelters that the County built," he said.

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