Hi,  I'm T.  Sue's my Mommy.  Oh boy yesterday was a fun and nervewracking day. It was the bath day.  It's the day when I get my nails done, a bath, a good smelling conditioner on my coat, my teeth brushed and everything in between.  I shake a lot because I'm nervous,  but I know I'm smelling great for the Easter Bunny!  And I also get a cute bandana.

All the kids and the Mom's thought I looked and smelled so beautiful yesterday.  So many kisses yesterday, made my day!

So....the Easter Bunny is coming soon.  I always get a basket with some bonies and other surprises, too.  Oh BOY I might even get a piece of ham from Easter dinner. 

Until next time, my tail's a wagging!

Happy Easter!

What do you get your doggies for Easter.  Do you have a special basket for them?