Hi, I'm T.  Sue's my Mommy.  I first want to send a shout-out to my buddy Boo for always writing on my blog!  Thanks Boo.  You're a cutie too!

And if you'd like a shout-out on my blog, send in a comment and I'll write about you, too!  So today is a big day for me.  It's a batha-batha-batha day.  It's when I get my nails cut, teeth brushed and I get a really cool bandana. 

This weekend we took a little trip and I got to go on a car ride.  When I hear car ride, I go crazy.  My Mom is always telling me to calm down, she's worried I'll have a heart attack, but I just can't.  My tail goes crazy and I start howling.  Look how comfortable I look in the car.   This is the place I love to be on my sisters leg!  Comfy!

Until next time, my tail's a wagging!  I can't wait to hear from you.

To all my four legged friends, Do you love car rides, too?