Hi I'm T, Sue's my Mommy.  I write to you a couple times a month telling you about my life and my experiences in my world, a dog's world.

I know you probably think weird, but hey I love sharing my stories.  This week has been an exciting one.  I saw a snake come in our place.  I was trying to let Mommy and Abby know but they thought I was just barking.....Finally, they realized and then I got a bonie.  Yay..."I saved the day!"

This is what we as dogs want in life....a cold bowl of water, bonies, great food, a comfy area to sleep (preferably a bed..a humans bed) and love and love and love and more love and kisses.  As you can see I love kissing.  And maybe a drop of crumbs from the table when you're sitting at the table for dinner. 

Shhhh...this is what I'm hearing, we are moving to a house where there's a yard for me to run in and smell and dig.  I'll fill you in more if it's true.  Rumor has it!  I'm very EXCITED!  But I sure hope I don't step on another bee...that really hurt.  I couldn't walk for 3 hours, but Abby held ice on it for me....I liked that!

Till I write again...my tail's a wagging!