As gas prices in New Jersey have stayed below $2.00 a gallon here in Ocean County for the better part of a year now, that trend looks like it's officially over.

We've had a few false starts in the last months over the proposed gas tax hike out of Trenton, but the deal is done and we could be seeing the difference at the pump very quickly.

Just this afternoon, Governor Christie held a press conference announcing the deal, which will raise the gas tax by almost a quarter, 23 cents to be exact. And it's expected to go into effect as soon as next week assuming that both houses of the legislature pass it, which looks more likely than not.

Of course there are a number of other factors in the Transportation Trust Fund deal. including changes to sales tax, the estate tax, and others. You can check out the full details by clicking here.

So what do you think? Are you ready to shell out more at the pump? Is it worth it to finally get this bill passed and hopefully get New Jersey's roads back in shape? Weigh in on the comments section and let your voice be heard!


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