We have learned that despite all the sources of help there are so many individuals and families still with great needs as a result of Sandy. 

Ortley Beach after Sandy (Toms River Township)

Hopefully the Toms River Regional Schools Hurricane Relief Fund can indeed provide some relief.  This fund is now seeking applications from residents who have a connection to the school district, including parents and guardians of students and staff members.

In addition to being affiliated with the Toms River Regional School District you must have a FEMA number and obviously been impacted by Sandy.

The fund was created shortly after the storm as both Toms River High School East and Toms River High School North served as shelters and many wanted to donate to the school district because of the active role they played in helping the community.  In the beginning donations were in the form of clothing, food and other items which led to the opening of the People’s Pantry in the BellCrest Plaza on Fischer Boulevard.   That facility is now operated by SEPTA (Special Ed PTA) and remains open and is supported through the Hurricane Relief Fund.

However monetary donations are what led to the formal establishment of the fund, which received a large donation from the Robin Hood Foundation as well as others.    Toms River attorney Peter Van Dyke is the President of the Board and said the goal is to assist as many families as possible as they rebuild their future here.  In addition to helping with the obvious CPA Carmen Memoli added there is a specific grant for Toms River Regional families that live in Ortley Beach when it comes to the purchase of furniture and appliances.

The application and all other details are available online at trschools.com.  You can also call (732) 818-8536 for more information.


I serve as a Board Member and remind you that it’s open to those residents who have some connection to the Toms River schools and have obtained a FEMA number.  Hopefully we will be able to help many families in the community as part of the ongoing effort to “Restore the Shore.”