Has your car been under attack from the birds in your neighborhood ?

I recently was away for a lil Christmas trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.....when I returned my car looked like i had parked it in a "bird-cage" it was a mess! Is this something that is common this time of year or do I just have a trees the birds love ? lol Never before have I seen my car literally covered like i found it this past week!

I wasnt alone because a neighbor was out washing their car too and all they said was " those birds"!

I would have thought spring and summer would have been more the time the birds would be out , but so far this winter they are out like crazy! Don't they head south for the winter ? lol

There is nothing worse then having your look like a bird-cage liner lol

In the end I went to the local carwash and all is well, til the next attack! It cannot be good for your cars finish to leave the bird droppings for any long length of time .....

Have you had a bird attack on your vehicles ?