State Senate Democratic leaders are working on a package of gun safety bills that will be formally introduced next week.

This image shows the firearms collected at a gun buyback in NJ. (David Matthau, Townsquare Media)

The centerpiece of the legislation is a bill that calls for the creation of an electronic system for instant background checks for the purchase of firearms in the Garden State.

The legislation would also require safety training to qualify for firearms permit; prohibit the purchase and possession of ammunition by those convicted of certain crimes; require a valid firearms ID for the purchase of ammunition; and disqualify those on the federal "no fly" list from eligibility for gun permits.

It would also allow for the seizure and forfeiture of motor vehicles used in the illegal trafficking of firearms, and disqualify gun traffickers from early release from prison and require they serve at least 85 percent of terms before parole.

"I think that we're coming up with a set appropriate and technologically efficient bills to protect the citizens of New Jersey," says State Senate Majority leader Loretta Weinberg. "There's nothing that's 100 percent safe, but I think we're making strides of tightening up the loopholes that did exist in our law. You know I use the analogy that people still rob banks and banks have big safes in them - they find ways to drill holes, or do whatever they do to rob banks."

She stresses lawmakers have taken their time developing the package of bills, talking with gun control groups and the NRA.

"Are we going to make them happy? No," she says. "But I think they feel that at least they could point out when things are already being done."