New Jersey got a ‘pass’ from mother nature in January when it comes to cold and snow. What can we expect for February?

As you know, it is still winter and anything can happen. But based on our weather history, State Climatologist Dave Robinson says this of February…”we basically can look forward to temperatures on average warming up over the course of the month. And of course, daylight will increase as we head towards Spring.”

He says despite what you might think, our just-finished January was the 19th-warmest on record, about four degrees above normal. But December was also a warm month. By the way, the record keeping in New Jersey goes back to 1895.

This follows the 7th-warmest combined December-January period in the State on record. What does history say about snowfall in February? According to Robinson, anything can happen, but historically, February is the driest month of the year. But I’m not putting the snow shovel away just yet.