As New Year's Eve is only a few days away, a lot of people are making plans for parties and trips. Some of us may even try to squeeze into Times Square for the famed ball drop at midnight. The ball drop tradition in New York City started over 100 years ago and has spawned dozens of copycats since.

When I lived in central Pennsylvania it seemed like every little town had their own something or other to lower on New Year's Eve; Mechanicsburg, PA lowers a wrench, Harrisburg has a strawberry (the celebration takes place in Strawberry Square), Lancaster (the "Red Rose City") raises a red rose, while their rival city York celebrates with a white rose. As we travel more throughout Pennsylvania's Capital Region, things get a little more unique...Dillsburg, PA drops a pickle (get it, Dillsburg...dill pickle...yeah), and Lebanon, PA rings in the new year with processed meat, dropping a large stick of Lebanon Bologna.

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