The mission of returning substance abusers to the productive lives they left behind takes a forward step in Marlboro.

Dr. Howard Silverman (Frantasy Enterprises)

Dr. Howard Silverman, a psychologist with a practice in Eatowntown, takes the reins as consulting clinical director at the Discover Institute for Addictive Disorders.

“A major drug epidemic is raging today and I look forward to helping as many people as possible with their recovery at Discovery Institute. We all have to work together to help our young people,” Dr. Silverman said.

His major responsibilities include staff training, clinical supervision, and therapy consultation concentrating on recovering individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse.

The Rutgers alumnus who received his Doctorate from the University of Maryland traces his roots in the field of addiction to the Lorton Reformatory in Washington, D.C. Detainees facing drug charges formed the basis for his Masters' thesis at George Washington University.

Prior to taking the assignment at Discovery, Silverman has been a partner in the Institute for Psychological Services and Professional Development, and a consultant for the Ocean and Monmouth County Prosecutor's Offices, New Jersey State Police, and New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services.

He has also served on the advisory board for the Monmouth County Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention program.