The Asbury Park 27-year-old who admitted tossing firearms onto the city streets while police chased him and a car full of heroin last February can expect to be at least a decade older before he breathes free air once more.

In a Monmouth Superior Court room in Freehold Friday, Christopher Melendez pleaded guilty to 10 counts related to the hair-raising pursuit on February 7, 2013.

According to information from acting County Prosecutor Chris Grammiccioni's office, prosecutors will recommend a 20-year sentence with 10 years of parole eligibility.

Melendez admitted jettisoning two handguns during the wild ride, interrupted when his car nicked a squad car, and coming to a cold stop when it slammed into a second patrol vehicle.

Investigators said that they found a third gun inside the car, along with more than 200 bags of heroin. One of the weaponsone of the three weapons they recovered bore a defaced serial number.

Melendez had been barred from owning or handling weapons, based on an earlier burglary conviction, prosecutors said.