There's a new survey out showing we love to pamper ourselves with something that makes us feel good!

According to a new survey from Daily Mail, the best way to pamper yourself is by eating dessert!  YES, I love that one!

The top 10 ways to pamper yourself:

1.  Eating a nice dessert.

2.  Going out for dinner instead of cooking.

3.  Eating chocolate.  

4.  Taking a day off to do nothing.

5.  Drinking a bottle of wine at home.

6.  Buying yourself flowers.

7.  Reading a book.

8.  Buying an expensive brand instead of the cheap store brand.

9.  Getting a massage.

10.  Reading a magazine. 

How about bubble baths or that fluffy, thick toilet paper...that's what pampering is to me!

What do you pamper yourself with?