With less than a week until Christmas (scary isn’t it) me and the girlfriend decided to take a trip into New York City to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

Frankly I’m pretty “meh” about going out into the cold to see a tree with some pretty lights (and I’m pretty sure so is the other half) however the city is especially pretty during the winter time and it gave us an excuse to visit a lot of our favorite places in Manhattan.

Now I’m not what you call a humbug by any means but really the entire holiday season is usually a time of stress more than anything for me. Beyond the regular duties of getting gifts for everyone, for many years December meant studying for finals and pulling extra hours at work (when I worked in retail). Well college is a good ways back for me and I haven’t worked in retail in even longer, however it seems December still manages to get so crazy that every year I’m scrambling just to keep up with getting gifts by the last minute.

Anyway, we saw the tree (it’s still there in case you’re wondering) and we’re ready to go on our way when a few blocks over we saw a huge crowd rushing out onto the street right on 6th ave. We walked up and saw it was the crowd from the Radio Music Hall Christmas Show. On a complete lark (and because we had nothing better to do) we walked to the box office to see if there were any tickets left for the last ten o clock show.

We managed to snag some pretty good seats for a relatively cheap price and got onto line to be let in. Now, it’s been easily over ten years since I’ve seen the Radio City Christmas show when I was a child but I have to be honest it was A LOT more fun than I even remember it being as a kid.

When I was youngster I had no other worries so Christmas time started pretty much in November and with no real responsibilities and no presents to buy, I had nothing but a month and a half to soak up holiday specials on TV and get ready for the bonanza of presents that awaited me. Now with infinitely more things on my plate and less presents to look forward to, sitting there and watching a 70 foot chorus line of Rockettes kick and sing Jingle Bells made me realize “holy crap, it’s Christmas!”

Grown up’s especially have a hard time “remembering” it’s the holiday season. We get so wrapped up in everything that we never get a chance to lay back and enjoy it. I know it isn’t much but I know I will be getting my glass of eggnog and watching my favorite Christmas movie Die Hard (yes it counts). Ho ho ho.