We all know that chocolate is not good for dogs..but I had no idea that Easter Lilies were harmful to cats.

The Easter Lily might look very pretty sitting around the house, but it's so unhealthy for cats if they happen to chew on the pedals or leaves.  In fact all flowers in the lily family can be harmful to your cat according to the Health Officials at the Federal Drug Administration.  An FDA veterinarian says the toxins in lilies cause kidney failure in cats.

While our furry dog friends aren't as susceptible to getting sick from Easter Lilies, a Lily of the Valley could be dangerous to your dog.  The best thing to do is to check with the Vet, but these plants your pets should definetely stay away from are aloe vera, Daphne, Kalanchoe, foxglove and yew bushes.

Here's a big wet kiss from me to you!