JCP+L says they expect their customers who lost power during Sandy to be restored "the end of the weekend" but those who went dark during the Nor'easter will have a longer wait.

JCP+L crew work during the Nor'easter (JCP+L)

In a press release, the utility says the 149,000 remaining customers who lost power during Sandy to get their power back by Sunday night. However, the 120,000 additional customers who lost power during the Nor'easter Wednesday night and Thursday will be restored "throughout next week."

The nor'easter further complicates the situation. Our customers' hardships are real and we will continue our massive restoration effort until all have their power restored," said Charles E. Jones, senior vice president and president, FirstEnergy Utilities. In addition, we greatly appreciate the assistance we have received from elected officials, police, fire and emergency management personnel for their dedicated efforts in keeping public safety a priority and helping us meet the unprecedented challenges of this disastrous storm."

390,000 customers across New Jersey are still in the dark

PSE&G's Ralph LaRossa says about 70,000 of his utility's customers are without power from last week's superstorm. About 40,000 more lost electricity from the snowstorm. LaRossa said Thursday a few thousand customers in Jersey City also lost power Wednesday night due to an underground fire.

LaRossa expects all PSE+G customers to be restored by Saturday. JCP+L, which has said that the 'vast majority" of its customers would be restored by Wednesday says it will offer a new target this afternoon.

Governor  Christie on Thursday praised the work of the utilities and utility crews, who have been working 16-hour days.

He said JCP+L's performance in this storm has been "significantly better" than it was during Tropical Storm Irene.

He also cautioned against trying to make villains out of anyone in the disaster.

He says "the villain in this case is Hurricane Sandy."

Restoration maps provided to the Governor’s office by the utilities

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