After spending last week out of the state, Governor Christie is back, and will immediately head to the Jersey Shore to spread his message about tax cuts.

The Governor’s Office sent a release out late Sunday afternoon, saying that Christie would kick off “the first of several stops along the Jersey Shore this summer,” as part of the Endless Summer Tax Relief Tour.

The first stop takes place this afternoon at the Pavilion at the Manasquan Inlet.

After a heated budget season, which resulted in a war of words, but no government shutdown, the tax cut issue still remains front and center.

Christie is insistent on tax relief now, having called a Special Session a few weeks back, and firing off a media blitz aimed at “Corzine Democrats.”

Democrats have stood their ground, saying that the money in the budget is set aside for some sort of tax relief at the beginning of 2013, assuming that revenues are in line with the Governor’s projections.

That issue has been a source of constant debate from both sides, with OLS again throwing cold water on Christie’s projections last week.

You can expect ramped up rhetoric from the Governor, as he insists on tax relief “now.”

And given his frequency of Town Halls, it would be no surprise if the “Endless Summer Tax Relief Tour” lasts as long as one of his favorite musician, Bruce Springsteen’s tours.