Governor Chris Christie and state Democrats continue to spar over a tax cut proposal.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Democrats say recent state revenue projections prove it would be unwise to promise a tax cut now. But the governor continues to travel around the state, insisting there's money to give back to the people of New Jersey, its just that the democrats don't want to do it.

"They are full of excuses and they didn't come to me and say governor we're so concerned that we might not have enough money next year, that we need to cut spending, they didn't do that and they would never say that" Christie said during a town hall in South Amboy Wednesday.

"They have enough money to spend every dollar in the budget, but they're just not sure they have enough money to cut your taxes" he added.

Christie says the bipartisan tax relief proposal that the democrats wanted has been sitting on the desks of the legislature for 80 says with no action.

"So far they've done nothing...and this was the bill they wanted, its the Senate President's tax cut plan that I compromised and went along with and now they won't guarantee you tax relief next year" Christie said.

Democrats say they don't have the numbers for a tax cut, and recent state revenue projections prove the state doesn't have the money for one come January.

"These numbers (state revenue projections) are even more concerning considering the 8.2 percent growth that is needed just to make up for the shortfall from last fiscal year" said Assembly Budget Chair Vinnie Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen).

Courtesy Governor's Office