What's the price of being unfaithful? It's steep, according to a recent survey of cheaters in America.

alexsokolov, ThinkStock

The survey, conducted by a British retail company, suggested the average affair lasts six months and can result in a tab of more than $2,600.

The list of expenses can include hotel rooms, gifts, dinner and drinks, and other dates. Some people, though, may go as far as purchasing airline tickets for their "lover on the side," or buy a second cellphone to keep the evidence away from their spouse.

Dr. Marty Tashman, a licensed marriage and family counselor in New Jersey, said an affair isn't only hard on the wallet or purse.

"The expense on an emotional level is tremendous -- double life, feeling badly about yourself, always worried that you're going to get caught," he said.

Tashman noted it's much easier these days for affairs to occur; smartphones and social media allow instant access to high school sweethearts, attractive coworkers and inappropriate conversations.

"It's at your fingertips," he said.

His advice: Once you entertain the thought of cheating on your partner, that's the time to sit down for a serious talk or reach out for additional help.