I have to admit that I have always been confused by Easter and the way we kind of celebrate it. Obviously it’s a very important day for Christians and it brings many to church, even those who are not regulars often dressed up in bright spring colors for the first time.

Easter has sort of become a smaller version of Christmas as aspects of the holiday are celebrated by just as many non-Christians. Christmas has Santa Claus and Easter has of course the Easter Bunny.

There are often gifts exchanged and just like you might bring someone a poinsettia in December in this case it’s often an Easter Lilly or some other seasonal plant or flower. There of course is candy with Easter trailing only Halloween in the amount of candy sold and it seems jelly beans are everywhere.

Even if Easter and Passover have no great religious meaning to you it’s a sign that spring truly is here and for many hopefully better days are on the horizon.

Easter Sunday certainly was a memorable one for Gerry Lester Watson Jr. who is better known by his nickname, “Bubba.” The 33-year old long-hitting lefthander from Florida won the Masters in dramatic fashion, outlasting South African Louis Oosthuizen on the second hole of a playoff.

Watson hit a near-impossible shot from deep in the trees on that second hole onto the green to set himself up for a victory that is sure to change his career because that’s what happens when you get to wear the Green Jacket.

In case you didn’t hear Tim Tebow spent his Easter Sunday at an outdoor service about 20 miles north of Austin, Texas. The Jets quarterback was the featured speaker at the service which drew some 15,000 people, some wearing #15 Broncos or Jets jerseys. Hundreds left after Tebow spoke and before the main sermon was even delivered.

For those Yankee fans who are ready to panic over an 0-3 start here’s a reminder. The last time the Yankees began a season 0-3 was 1998 when they went on to win 114 games and sweep San Diego for their third straight World Series title. As for the Mets 3-0 start…well let’s just say this is probably going to be the high point of the season. The last time they Mets were 3-0 was 2007 when they finished 2nd in the NL East.