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Fair Tax Supporters Keep Momentum Going
It's been a little more than a month since New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett became the first Representative in the Northeast to co-sponsor the Fair Tax bill, and local supporters are keeping that momentum going.
Legislation Could Change Workers’ Comp Rules
State lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent people who get hurt on the job because they are drunk from receiving Workers' Compensation.
Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (R-9) is co-sponsoring Assembly Bill A-779, which he says could potentially save taxpayer money by preventing such cl…
Offshore Drilling Hearing Set
Shore lawmakers and environmental activists are getting their wish when it comes to the controversial plan to allow offshore oil drilling off the Atlantic coast.
Well, part of it, anyway.
Federal officials have announced a public hearing on the plan to be held in Atlantic City next week...
Facebook Flaps for Local Leaders
Social media is at the center of controversies for three local government leaders this week.
Stafford Township Council members are meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss a police investigation that allegedly targeted a man for being an outspoken critic of Mayor John Spodofora...

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