Memories of Caroling in Ocean County
My sister was visited by Christmas Carolers last night. She says the musical interlude was the highlight of her day and gave her a nice warm nostalgic feeling. I totally understand. Music is one of those simple pleasures that can brighten anyone's day. I'm remembering when I was in gra…
It’s Not Too Late For Holiday Gifts On A Budget
One of the things that causes stress this time of year is money...the fact that most of us have a limited amount. If you have a lot of people to get gifts for, but limited resources, it's a good time to get creative. Pancake mix and maple syrup is a nice idea. So is a recipe box with a few f…
8 Ways to Stay Healthy For the Holidays [LIST]
The last thing anyone wants is to be sick for the Holidays! There's nothing worse than being sick on Christmas Day and you miss out on all the fun. My blog sponsor, Immediate Care Medical Walk-In, have put together 8 easy ways to stay healthy for the Holidays...
Wearing Shorts Year Round in Ocean County
When it's NOT summer and I see a guy wearing shorts, he looks a bit out of sorts to me.
But over the years I've met more and more males exposing their legs no matter what the temperature. And it seems they just don't feel the cold like many of us do.

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