How about two instead of one for your home!  Meet Cheetah and Chico!

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We are looking for a special home for this very special little couple. This is Cheetah and Chico, a cat and dog duo that are the best of friends and will need a home where they can stay together forever. This lovely little pair came to us from our Newark facility when they were turned in by their family, who could no longer care for them. Cheetah is a beautiful and petite 2 year old cat, and Chico is also 2 years old, and is a chihuahua. These two are truly inseparable and will whine for each other when they are apart, so we just couldn't bear to put one in a kennel, and one in a cat yard. The solution? The brotherly buddies are residing in one of our administrative offices together, until their forever home is found. Both Cheetah and Chico are so friendly, outgoing, and lovable. They just adore people and are both very laid back and well behaved. They would make a wonderful addition to any great family that promises to love them forever, and never give up on them again. Please ask at our front desk to meet this little pair.... we know you'll love them too!

1 Humane Way

(off of Lacey Road)

609 - 693 - 1900