The Berkeley Eagles Cheerleaders continue their history making run this season with unprecedented showings in this past weekend's Regional Championships!

This is the first time in their 40 year history that all three of the Berkeley Eagles' cheerleading teams have qualified for the National Championships.

This past weekend in Trenton, the Division 10 Girls came in 2nd, the Division 12 Girls came in 2nd, and the Division 15 Girls took home 3rd place. All three teams will head to Orlando next month to vie for their respective national titles.

However, now they need your help. Not only are some of the families involved in the teams dealing with losing everything due to Hurricane Sandy, but it's also up to them to send the teams to Orlando. If you'd like to donate and help the teams make the trip to Florida, you can get more info at their Facebook page or email them here for more info.

Division 12 Girls. Photo by Chris Petrich


Division 15 Girls. Photo by Chris Petrich