The Boardwalk Empire continues to suffer from a perception problem following Super Storm Sandy, which the Atlantic City Alliance is hoping to dispel.


They say data from a recent national poll conducted by New Jersey-based Russell Research, shows 41% of the American public believes that the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk was destroyed by the super storm but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Atlantic City Alliance President Liza Cartmell says, "The oceanfront area ended up being very well protected by the dune project ... the reclamation that had been placed by the Army Corps of Engineers over the summer and so really the facing front of the ocean did just fine."

Cartmell says that goes for the shopping areas as well.

However, the misconception has cost the Atlantic City Tourism District visitors and millions of tourism dollars. It also threatens the livelihoods of more than 40,000 employees in the 12 casinos and hospitality industry.

When asking what's open in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City Alliance ad showing undamaged boardwalk (Atlantic City Alliance)

Cartmell says "Everything. The boardwalk, the casinos, the restaurants, the shops, the spas, the entertainment, all of it is open in Atlantic City and waiting for people to come down."

You can also score great hotel rates, under thirty bucks at some top casinos during the week and go on a holiday shopping vacation away from some of the madness at any one of their 150 stores, many of them outlets. You can catch a movie at the IMAX Theater at the Tropicana and get discounts using your Triple-A card.

The Alliance is running a full-page print ad in the New York Times today featuring new pictures of the boardwalk after the storm. They've also rolled out a new television spot aimed at audiences in New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Cartmell says they'll also be hosting a number of events on the boardwalk itself that includes a new free 3-D show on the facade of Boardwalk Hall on December 1st called "Winter Sweet," a seven minute sound and light show.

For more information, visit the city online, on Facebook and Twitter.