In the hope of helping police solve more crimes, the Atlantic City Police Department launches a new anonymous online tip service.

It's called Tip 411 and it allows residents to communicate with police by email by by registering their information on their website or by sending a text message to 847-411 stating your tip to the code ACPD.

"We really felt like the anonymity feature could stem some of this fear and get people to cooperate who wouldn't normally dial 9-11" said Captain William Mazur of the Atlantic City Police Department.

He says residents can use the tip line for anything, from reporting graffiti on neighborhood buildings to crimes.

"There has been cases where Tip 411 has solved cold cases and murders to fugitives, and that's really our ultimate goal to get this open and honest communication within the community."

Mazur says the alert system was designed to help witnesses who may be too afraid to come forward.

"Think about it, everyone uses this technology, and everyone texts, and when there is no obligation to identify yourself, that's a pretty powerful thing."

The anonymous tip line is up and running. He said they are already working on a tip from a resident about a fugitive in the area.

"We are hoping for some leverage and some really good results with this new program" said Mazur.