An Atlantic City 27-year-old risks life in prison following his conviction for a shooting murder in the city in 2012.

Keshaun Earley was found guilty after a three-week trial and three days of jury deliberation in Mays Landing, according to information from the office of Acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain.

Prosecutors contended the Early shot James Jordan, 26, on Absecon Boulevard on August 26, 2012. McClain says that several eyewitnesses identified Earley, while several others called to corroborate his alibi were unable to do so on examination.

Earley was arrested at his home in Hamilton Township, where he said he had been on the day of the killing. Prosecutors pounded away at his alibi to uncover inconsistencies.

Defense lawyers produced mobile phone records that placed Earley in Mays Landing at the time. The evidence was refuted by prosecutors who suggested that Earley left the device in Mays Landing to substantiate his alibi.

Earley is scheduled for sentencing May 1.