The economy is improving, but if you are thinking about leaving your company and looking for another job, you might want to think again.

Job Fair (Roberto Gonzalez, Getty Images)

"The job market is getting better and some employees are tipping their toes into the water to see what's out there, but I don't see yet droves of employees leaving their jobs without securing another job at least as good if not better than their current position," says the President of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, Phil Kirschner.

He points out it is still too uncertain a job market out there to leave the security of a job on the hope that you're going to secure something better. Kirschner says people were doing that when unemployment rate was 4.5, 5, or 5.5 percent.

His recommendation is if you're going to look for new opportunities, make sure that you tell future employers what it is you've done at your current employer that has added value.

"Explain to them now that the economy is better you're looking for a change, and understand they're looking to see if you can bring value to them and if you can, they'll give you an offer," Kirschner  says.

Kirschner stresses it's always better to line something up before you tell your current boss, 'I quit,' so that you're still working, doing something, and you haven't let your skills erode if some time goes by before you find a new job.