Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media


Lots of changes happened for me last year and this year.  I'll tell you, it's hard sometimes for that change and it's not always fun.The first one was my divorce.  The change was living and running a house-hold  for my daughter and myself.  That was a huge change and I didn't know if I could do it.  But now some time has gone by and it's ok.  It's a good change.  It's a new change but it's good.

With work, we are moving to a new building in Toms River.  This is very exciting but at the same time scarey, too.  The old and what I was used too...and the new and not quite sure what to expect can be exciting, too.  So change for me has always been good.

As we get older change is a little less exciting.  I live in a world of routine and the routine will be a little different.  But I think it will be great!

How are you with change?