So this happens to me all the time, every Saturday comes around and it's Grocery Shopping day.

I think to myself, why am I shopping when I stocked up last week.  It's almost a habit or a routine to go grocery shopping on a certain day of the week.  Do you check your freezer before you go shopping.  Do you check the pantry.  My answer to this in my life is a big NO.  So I've started doing something different now in my grocery shopping routine.  I've started looking to see if I have soup, meat, cheese and cereals and guess what....I usually do. 

So my grocery bills have become less, just from looking at what I already have.

Do you check things out before going grocery shopping..Do you feel it's a routine where you just buy things and don't even realize you have them?  Are you a grocery list writer?  (I really have to work on that)