News 12 New Jersey is reporting that a new Morris County road will be renamed "Governor Christ Christie Way", but we thought of some other creative and just as effective options to consider.

  • 1

    Beach Day Drive

    There may come a day when people forget about the image of Christie enjoying a beautiful day on Island Beach State Park, but that day isn't today.

  • 2

    Big Mouth Way

    He held nothing back while in office, and we don't imagine him holding anything back now.

  • 3

    Blame Lane

    It's the Democrats' fault. It's the media's fault. It's our fault. It's your fault. But it's never his fault.

  • 4

    Bridgegate Blvd

    Enough said.

  • 5

    Shutdown Circle

    Just like the government, you never know when this circle will shutdown.

  • 6

    Get The Hell Off This Avenue

    His infamous "get the hell off the beaches" quote still reverberates on this street name alternative.

  • 7

    Closed Road

    The road might be closed, but he's the only one allowed on it!