Following a winter plagued by thousands of flight cancellations, a new report predicts a plentiful spring for American air travel.

Carlos Davila, Getty Images

The industry trade group Airlines for America sees a busy March and April for carriers in the United States; in fact, the best spring in six years.

"The economy is starting to recover, and we're seeing that in rising household net worth and corporate profits," said A4A spokeswoman Jean Medina. "Business travel is up as well, and air travel remains very affordable."

The group said the prediction for 2014 follows an upward climb in the airline business in 2013, the industry's fourth straight year of so-called "modest profitability."

Forces working against that profitability include rising fuel costs, estimated at around $50 billion for three years in a row now, and rising fees and aviation taxes. U.S. airlines also continue their struggle to pay down debt.

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