This is why I love my job!  I've been on the air now over 10 years and along the way I've met some of the greatest people I've ever met right here in Ocean County. 

I met this little girl named Malia when she was in Second Grade.  I remember meeting her for the first time at the Ocean County Mall and thinking what a cool name.  We've always stayed in touch through out her school years and I've become friends with her family.  Just this past weekend I was invited to her Graduation Party.  Malia graduated from the Performing Arts Academy.  She might have gotten older and grown up but I've stayed exactly the same over these years!  I'm laughing as I write this.  But it's such a great feeling to even think she thought of me and invited me.  Her and her sister Melanie, I've watched grow up into young ladies.  They're not those little girls who would come visit me at the Mall on Black Friday anymore and tell me what they want for Christmas and tell me their Mom and Dad probably won't get it for them.  They now know my little 8 year old and it makes my heart smile.  My daughter thinks that they are the coolest.

These girls are so musically awesome, Melanie is studying at the Performing Arts Academy, also.

Malia and Melanie play violin music for special occasions throughout Ocean County.  Sister Strings will make any occasion of yours very special.  If you'd like to book them for a wedding or special occasion call them 732 - 505 - 0730.

Congratulations Malia!  I know you'll do awesome in everything you do in the future as you head to Monmouth U!  Wow, you go girl!