Don't forget about the senior pets waiting for adoption.  They need a forever home, too.  Cats and dogs just needing to know they're loved and cared for is all they need.  They still have a great life ahead of them.

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This is a letter from our friend Barbara Lathrop from the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo.  It's so, so true:
Why Adopt A Senior Dog
So often when a prospective adopter contacts a shelter or a rescue seeking just the right dog to take home, they start out with the comment, “ Well, I don’t want an animal that is old.”  With that statement they have eliminated the pleasure of experiencing the companionship of some sweet, well-behaved, and loving pets who could bring much joy to their lives.
When divorce separates a family or the passing of a loving pet owner occurs, too often there is a middle-aged or senior pet left without a home.  These are the pets that melt my heart and make me work harder to convince any skeptics that these animals aren’t to be avoided, but rather chosen for the attributes they possess.  Generally they are well house-broken Also, they do not find joy in dragging towels and clothing around the house or ripping up a newspaper foolishly left within reach of their mouths.  Seniors are beyond that silliness, but are not beyond seeking the gentle touch of a human hand and trying to please a new master.  They have already trained at least one human and know the ropes in dealing with others.  They tend to be more settled and calm and usually easy to take for walks or a ride in the car.
I know, I know, some are afraid of adopting a senior dog because “they’re not going to last long”. Would you avoid taking a wonderful trip because one day it would be over and you would be sad at the end?  The truth is, I find joy in knowing that I have given a displaced, but loving dog the chance to live out its life in my home where it will receive the love and comfort it deserves in the twilight of its life.  And when my sweet pal passes away,  some of my tears will be the sorrow of feeling loss and some will be the joy of knowing his or her life was good right up to the end.
Check out all the wonderful pets young and a little older at the Popcorn Park Zoo!
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