Sparkle's looking for a forever home!

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Is this just the sweetest little girl you’ve ever seen or what?! We think so! Sparkle is a little Jack Russell that would love a great home of her own. She had a good home, but when her owner passed away, no one could take her in. Sparkle came in with her son, a 5 year old Jack Russell, and when we realized that the pair did not get along well at all, they were separated and were much happier. Sparkle is about 8 years old and is such a love. She is such a pleasant Jack Russell, and not at all the bouncy, high energy type. Sure she has energy.....when the mood strikes her, she will enjoy a good run, game of fetch, or toss of a toy, but she prefers to trot around and check out the world around her instead. Sparkle is very gentle and loving, and she makes friends easily. All it takes is for you to say hello to her, bend to pet her, and she'll be climbing in your lap in no time. She is so well behaved and is very ladylike while on the leash and taking treats. Sparkle loves people of all ages but would prefer a home with no other dogs or cats. She would make such a wonderful addition to any family that promises to love and care for her forever.

1 Humane Way

(off of Lacey Road)

Forked River, NJ

609 - 693 - 1900