We live in a fast-paced world and for a large percentage of us it seems like we are always battling the clock and time is a precious commodity.

(Photo by Liaison)

It also something we have far too little of.  I guess that’s why it ticks me off when you find yourself behind others who could care less about time because clearly they have plenty to waste.  Some examples if you will:


  • You’re in the express check-out line at your supermarket and the person in front of you had a few items over the limit.  Regardless the clerk is scanning their order but the shopper can’t be bothered bagging and just stands there watching and talking.  Finally when the order is bagged and it’s time to pay they start fishing through their wallet for exact change.  It may only take seconds but it seems like hours.
  • You are waiting patiently in the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts and finally there is only one person in front of you, they have also been waiting.  So when they are greeted with “can I help you” and they respond with “hold on for a minute” you should be able to get out of your car and verbally assault them.
  • It’s a busy time at pharmacies with so many people sick so you need to show a little patience.  However there is always that one customer who has an issue with their prescription and feels the need to share their life story with the pharmacist who knows there are people waiting and is trying to move things along.   The customer does not care and babbles endlessly and of course has ten other items to pay for in addition to the one prescription.  She also has coupons, one of which does not match an item but she insists it’s really the same thing and wants the discount.  This is when you want to step in, pay for her order and tell her to have a nice day.
  • I play the lottery but always put my numbers on one of the cards which you are instructed to do.  However often you will be behind someone who can’t be bothered with that and will insist on giving their Mega Millions numbers to the clerk directly.  The clerk accommodates them but of course the customer has given one number too few or one too many.  The dilemma on what to do next is what pushes you over the edge.
  • You are at a red light with several cars in front of you.  The light turns green but one of the cars is not moving because the driver is checking their cell phone.  Oops, that was me and I did it yesterday.  Sorry about that.